Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Theo by Desirae Grove Book Review

I really enjoyed this book. It was a nice coming of age story with some paranormal thrown in for good measure. It was cute seeing the way that Eve came to understand Theo's vampirism, while still denying it at the same time. If you look a little deeper and look at the interactions instead of just the character dialogue, you will see that just like Eve, a lot of the time we are willing to overlook someone's flaws when we are in love with them, or even in lust, whatever the case may be. As humans, we inherently want to believe in the good of someone. I enjoyed that it wasn't just about the sex, or just about his humanity or vampirism, the characters were properly developed to see all facets of their personality.

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday in Danger by Marie Carnay Book Review

This book was ok, but if you had read any of her others, it is pretty predictable. You have a good idea of what is going to happen if you read Summer's story. I like that I didn't have to put much thought into it, since I knew Summer's story. Holly is a chef who comes back home to help her friend out, runs into past love, rekindles past love, and past crush, runs away because she can't handle it and society doesn't think it's right, comes back, lives happily ever after. I think I just covered pretty much the whole thing.

**I received an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own**

Monday, December 7, 2015

After She's Gone by Lisa Jackson Book Review

I was actually very surprised at this book. I have always been a huge Lisa Jackson fan, but I felt really let down by this book. Normally she catches me in the beginning and never lets go, but this time it was hard to pick it up after putting it down. This is one of the few books I have not been able to finish. In the beginning, it had a lot of promise, but it goes in circles for so long it lost me. I lost any desire to find out the truth of Allie and Trent, didn't care whether Cassie and Trent made up, and had no interest in finding out the mystery of the nurse. I hope her next book will be a lot better than this one.

**I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions and experiences are my own.**

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Waves of Desire Book Review

This is an "okay" book. Nothing worth writing home about, but I was able to read the entire book. It was nice seeing a heroine that isn't some young thing just figuring out how to navigate the world. I really enjoyed the book as it so easily could have been non-fiction in today's society. Basically, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy's love child and baby mama show up, new girl deals with old girl, happily ever after with a wonderful splash of Jerry Springer thrown in for good measure. I read this book as a standalone and it was good. I am not sure how good it would be if I had read up until this point, though I am curious whether drama for them is just their "thing."

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own.**

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Loch Ness Monster Book Review

I loved the concept of this book. It is really great for young readers who don't have a high attention span, but it was really short for me. I love how he explores both the mythos and the fact, and leaves you to draw your own conclusions. He isn't trying to make you believe and he isn't trying to tell you it's baloney either. He gives you the information and tells you to do what you will. I have been fascinated with "Nessie" for quite a long time and even I didn't know about some of the more recent sightings.

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own.**

The Bad Judgement Series Book Review

To begin with, when I requested this book, I just thought the cover was beyond hot. After getting into the book a little bit, I realized it was so much more than that. After reading as much as I have, it is hard to find many books I just can't stand the suspense of putting down, but this book fits that category. You will find yourself rooting for the good guys and wanting the bad guys punished. Of course, it doesn't hurt that a nerdy girl who doesn't realize how pretty she is gets the super hot Billionaire. I love that there was actually a plot to this book besides your typical boy has money, boy meets girl, boy is an asshole, girl is down and out, boy rescues her to get laid, happily ever after. 

Christmas Romance 2015 Review

I had already read Sharon Kleve's story in this anthology, but the rest were wonderful. I loved being able to see how they fit in with one another. It was interesting to see the different cultures, and of course to devour the men from their respective countries. Maybe there is still hope for the rest of us. I love the way Sharon brought in the author in her story so that we can see these wonderful people that bring us these stories that we get lost in everyday, are also people, and it is great for them to get that positive feedback when they touch us in some way.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Closer by Aria Hawthorne review

I absolutely adored this book. I enjoyed how even though on some level it was the same premise as your other Billionaire novels, it was also surprisingly fresh in the way the Billionaire actually needed her, not just needed to possess her  intimately. It was nice to see this romance develop, and it was interesting that this one involved a single mother, instead of a female character who could just jetset at a moment's notice.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

UnLove Me book Review

I loved the storyline in this book and how everything was so intertwined. I hated the fact that it jumped around so much and when she would go from talking about the male in that chapter to the female, it would change paragraphs but there was no break to let you know of the change. It made it really hard to follow in some parts and you were left scratching your head for a bit, like huh?! Overall, it is a really good book though, and there were a lot of surprises you didn't see coming. You gotta love a good MC book with lots of sex, happiness, angst, and suspense all rolled into one. I think it could have been told better, but it was decent.

** I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own**

Monday, November 23, 2015

Ripley's Believe It or Not Book Review

I love this book. It is jam packed with all the normal but not normal oddities you would expect from Ripley's, as well as exciting pictures to go on every page. It is hours of fun for the whole family looking through the pages finding  the craziest and most out there things. It also has some really great teachable moments. You can teach your kids about all the amazing animals, or show them what can be done when they set their mind to something. This book really highlights the wonders of our world and showcases the amazing wonders of our world. It will also lead to great conversations sitting on your coffee table.

**I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own.**

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Lost Girl by R. L. Stine Review

I haven't read R.L. Stine since I was a kid, but even as an adult, he still has the knack for being an awesome storyteller. This book is about some kids who hit a guy while snow mobiling. Then crazy things start happening. There is a new girl at school. Although, she isn't just a new girl. Stick around until the end and you will learn the real story of Beth Palmieri. Make sure you read closely because there is a lot of back and forth which can make it kind of hard to follow if you are just skimming. Enjoyable read!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

K. Renee Dirty Ink E-Book Giveaway

       I am giving away one copy of K. Renee's Dirty Ink for a lucky winner. You are not going to want to miss this one. Here is the summary for Dirty Ink: **Warning** Suggested for 18 and over. Contains BDSM and explicit sex scenes. May also contain triggers.

Brielle Tyler is a twenty-five year old college student, trying to find her place in the world. Hudson Knox is a thirty year old tattoo artist who has been building up his tattoo shop, Dirty Ink. Brielle's long term boyfriend breaks up with her and she finds herself going to a tattoo shop to break free of her good girl shell. 
Once Hudson inks Brielle's skin in his shop, he can't stop thinking about the fiery raven haired beauty. A chance encounter a week later, throws Hudson and Brielle together for the ride of their lives.

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Mysti Parker Giveaway

I have a set of 3 books to give away. They are from Mysti Parker's Tallenmere series. Wonderful books, I actually have all three myself. They are romance standalones. Here is the summary for one from Amazon to give you an idea of what you are entering for:
 A Ranger's Tale- In the high elf city of Leogard, an elven noblewoman longs to leave her gilded cage. A half-breed former pirate wants nothing more than to escape his guilty past. Easier said than done...
Caliphany Aranea, nearly a century old, leads an enviable life as high elf King Leopold's niece and daughter of Sirius, Leogard's most famous wizard. She is expected to follow in her father's footsteps to lead the Mage Academy and to marry a man she doesn't even like. Yet, she craves a taste of life outside the city walls.As a young boy, half-elf Galadin Trudeaux witnessed his parents' death at the hands of pirates. After being raised by those same murderers and forced to do their bidding, he escaped and now lives an honest life as a sea merchant and ranger.When two brutes at Leogard Harbor attempt to kidnap Caliphany while she dreams of faraway lands, Galadin comes to her rescue. Impressed by his skills, she asks him to train her as a ranger. Though he is hesitant at first to train a woman of her class, Caliphany's hefty sack of gold finally persuades him. Unfortunately, her father is not amused, and the two must escape before Caliphany faces a forced marriage and Galadin faces a noose.From that moment on, to the finale, where Caliphany must decide where her heart truly lies, she and Galadin embark on a fateful journey that will change their lives forever. Can they survive the trials and tragedies ahead to find a love that stands the test of time?

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Friday, November 13, 2015

In Love With Paris by Sharon Kleve Review

I have been a fan of Ms. Kleve and she doesn't disappoint this time. The only negative I can say about this book was that it was over too soon. I love the way it ended, though I would have liked to have known what Susan's opinion was of the romance she inspired once she met Christopher. I greatly enjoyed how she gave us a hint of her life and how important us reviewers are to her livelihood by letting us get to know Paget's favorite author, Susan. I would like to think if I met my favorite author, they would be that personable as well. I can't wait to see what Ms. Kleve has in store for Aubri. 

Diamond Run (Phil Mahood Book 1) by Michael Croucher Review

This book was very entertaining once it really got started. The first couple chapters it was hard to get into, but I promise it gets better. I loved how the author mixed up the real world with the supernatural world, but not enough that it will turn off the reader of the crime/suspense genre. It moved at a very steady pace. I also enjoyed how it tied up everything so neatly in the end. I do look forward to seeing how Mr. Croucher develops his character of Off. Mahood as time progresses. He is off to a great start with it. I hope Gloria and Charles stick around since I would like to see them more utilized in the future as Phil continues to shed his skepticism. All in all, it's a great read. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

My Little Pony Paper & Digital Coloring Pack Review

I got this for my daughter's birthday. The concept is amazing! I love the thought of recolorable pictures. She found it was easier to color using her finger. You have to press down really hard to use the accompanying crayon. That was really her only complaint. I loved how I could get my coloring book and she could get her MLP pages on the tablet, and we could color together, and instead of having to stop every few minutes so she could change pictures when she made a mistake, or got bored, we could color together for nearly an hour, which is amazing in and of itself because A. She is 11, and B. She has ADHD and OCD. With her having OCD, it made it easier for her to correct her mistakes instead of trashing the whole picture. I see this being around for a while to come.

**I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own**

Friday, November 6, 2015

Green Kids Club Review

Freya got a book from the Green Kids Club to review. She is really big into animals so I knew she would enjoy this. There were a lot of fun facts. As much as she reads about animals, she still learned new things. She goes back and reads this on occasion, so I may end up ordering this for her. It is a monthly box like Geek Fuel or Loot Crate. You should really check this out for your grade school kids. It is like Ranger Rick meets Loot Crate.


OK my wonderful friends, it is that time again. Starting in the morning, as of 9AM, I will be gaming for 24 hours straight. This year Freya and the rest of my family will be joining me for a family filled 24 hours. All proceeds that are raised go to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health​. I really hope you can find it in your heart to just give a small $5.00 donation. Every little bit helps! For my gamer friends who will be joining me both in body and in spirit for our marathons tomorrow, GAME ON #FORTHEKIDS  #EXTRALIFE2015


Monday, October 26, 2015

The Brat Review

This book was amazing. It was the first one I have read of Sherry Gloag. She captures the horrors of childhood trauma terrifically. Watching Gina come to terms with everything, seeing her life in upheaval, and seeing her come out stronger once she faced it, is a testament to her resilience. For some, like me, it will definitely strike home with how true to life this is. Watching as Gina gets strong enough to let someone in, especially someone she thought of as an enemy, is such a transformation, but I love how you got to see every step of her journey. It wasn't just, one day she is broken, one day she is fixed, and you, the reader, are left shaking your head in confusion. When Gina finally gets to meet her mom, I bawled like a baby, watching the agony both of these women have went through every day. For a mother, the guilt of knowing what she did to her child. For the child, to spend her life thinking her mother didn't love her or want her, which immediately made her undesirable and unlovable to find out that wasn't the case at all. Then watching her spread her wings with Ben is a memorable experience. You will not be able to put it down, I certainly couldn't

**I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own**

Twice Lost by Jennifer Field Review

I just finished this book and it was great. This was the first book by Jennifer Field I had read, but I guarantee there will be more in my future. I loved Jenna. She was such a badass. I'm not really sure how I felt about them ending up with other people when the story seemed like it was "their" story most of the way through. On the other hand, it was good to see a male hero who would help a female character without being sexually driven. I enjoyed seeing Jenna evolve from a scared young woman to a young woman ready to take on the world. I look forward to seeing what is in store with this series.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Bash Vol. 1 by Candace Blevins

I have always been a fan of Candace Blevins' books, but I love this one. Every time I think she has ran out of anything new, she proves me wrong, thankfully. Bash's story needed to be told. It is interesting watching the way this story unfolds because of the way Angelica and Bash's story evolves. Throw in a few Weres and it sizzles. I for one, cannot wait to see how Bash and Angelica's story plays out. Will they make it?

 **I got this ARC for free in exchange for an honest review**

You can get your copy of Bash Vol. 1 HERE

Duke by Day, Rogue by Night by Katherine Bone

I finished this book yesterday and Oh My God! This book was a masterpiece. Katherine Bone nailed it. It was wonderful being able to see the world through Thomas and Constance' eyes. As much as he loved her, I wonder if he would have came back for her if circumstances weren't what they were, though. It was such a realistic situation which is what made it such a great read for me. Everything was researched very well to work in a period romance. It was amazing watching Constance, young as she was, owning the situation and trying to make herself complete in the process.

Go here to get your copy today: Duke by Day, Rogue by Night

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Elders (Mind Dimensions Book 4) by Dima Zales

I originally found this book through a promotion on Tomoson. The first one caught me by surprise since this isn't normally something I would read. I loved it! I immediately contacted the author who then sent them as I finished and posted reviews. These books, as much as I don't care for sci-fi I would have went and bought otherwise, because I HAD to know how to story ended. You will definitely want to start at the beginning for this series. You miss important stuff, but it does flow wonderfully. Darren is very complex and you have to pay attention, otherwise sometimes it is hard to know when he has phased into the Quiet, or when it is happening. I loved seeing how The Elders wrapped up Darren's story. Impeccable storytelling on Mr. Zales' part. There were no unanswered questions, and I didn't feel cheated like I do at the end of some books where I am left scratching my head. I think Mr. Zales may prove to be my gateway into a love of sci-fi. Please go get your series today.

Book One: The Thought Readers
Book Two: The Thought Pushers
Book Three: The Enlightened
Book Four: The Elders

Underneath It All by Kate Canterbary

It took a while for me to get into this book. I hated how weak Lauren was. I grew to like her, and learning about her upbringing made a lot of it make sense. After meeting Angus, I also understood why Matt had to be in control, which made for an explosive combination when you put them together. Both of them wanted to take, but neither really knew how to give. It was nice seeing Matt come to his senses first, instead of the girl chasing after him. The only problem was Lauren didn't seem to know what she was chasing. I'm glad she got it though, and could be there when he needed her. After about halfway through, it became a book I couldn't put down. I'm not sure if it is because I genuinely liked the characters or just wanted to see the train wreck, but it kept me entertained. It is definitely worth a read for any romance enthusiast.

Get your copy here: Get your book

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A New Must Read Romance by a New Author

I absolutely adored this book. It was amazing. It starts out as your standard MC book but is very quickly so much more than that. After Faith gets out of her situation, seeing two people who are willing to sacrifice that much for each other is rare. It does happen, but not often. These two are the gems that true love stories are made of. For Chance Carter to be a new author, his technique at storytelling is unrivaled. I cannot wait until his next book to find out what wonderful characters he will bring us next. Do yourself a favor and go get this and read it TODAY! I have a feeling he is going to explode romance MC's wide open. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Elsa Winckler- Touched to the Soul Review

I thought this book was ok. It took a LONG time for me to get into it. It was very predictable and you could see everything coming. They both reminded me of the little kids on the playground the way they avoid each other because they like each other. It was a good book to just turn off my brain and pass some time. I would still probably read more of hers, but I don't think I would go out of my way to do it. If you are looking for a meaty book, move on. If you just want something to read because you are bored, definitely pick it up.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lanie Kincaid romance novels

I received these books to review. Kelsey's Song and Second Chances are the same series. Wishcraft is freakin awesome. Lanie Kincaid outdoes herself with all of these. I am still trying to figure out why I had never heard of her. If you can find a break in your To-Read list, make sure you check these out. For that matter, once you finish whatever you are reading right this moment, make sure it is the next thing you read. Especially in Wishcraft, it is a regular romance premise, but wonderfully and newfully redone. In the Wilder series, she makes sure to build the whole characters and the entire story. You aren't left having to fill in the blanks, and she wraps up the story beautifully. Make sure you get your copies and check out this great new author! Stay tuned!

**I received these books for free in exchange for an honest review**