Friday, August 28, 2015

The Copy Suspense Thriller

I was not sure what to think of this book. This is outside the normal confines of what I read. It seemed to start off really slow and I wasn't sure I could get into it, but then it picked up, and took off like a flash. It made you question everything and you had to actually read it otherwise you would get lost. It was easy after about the second chapter to get fully engaged and I couldn't put it down. I look forward to a lot more of Mr. Boshoff's work. He definitely has a talent.

You can find this book HERE

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Time For Everything- Historical Romance

Wow! Yesterday I read an amazing book. It was called A Time For Everything by Mysti Parker. It is a Historical Romance set not too long after the Civil War. To a point it is still your typical girl meets boy, they like each other but fight it, obstacles to overcome, followed by a wonderful happily Ever After, but there are enough obstacles and events that occur to keep your attention, and don't ever think things settle down, because they don't. These two have a few more obstacles than most, but that is what it made it such a great book. For all you Romantics out there, you definitely want this book. Go get your own Happily Ever After! I received this book from Mysti Parker on Tomoson Direct in exchange for an honest review, there were no promises of compensation or gifts.

New Beginnings

Hello peoples!
 I have been blogging off and on for years in the Scrapbook community. There, you would know me as Softerimagegrl. Now a little about me! I am 31 yo old. I am married to a Paramedic. We have a total of 3 kids. We have a 23 yo son, a 22 yo daughter, and a 10 daughter. Our 22 yo has given us an amazing granddaughter who will be 2 in September. This blog is going to be dedicated to the products I get from amazing companies in exchange for testing and reviewing them for you wonderful people. I will be showcasing everything from food and clothes to books and adult toys. If you are easily offended, you may not want to stick around, though those are few and far between. Good luck, and so glad to have you here!