Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Elders (Mind Dimensions Book 4) by Dima Zales

I originally found this book through a promotion on Tomoson. The first one caught me by surprise since this isn't normally something I would read. I loved it! I immediately contacted the author who then sent them as I finished and posted reviews. These books, as much as I don't care for sci-fi I would have went and bought otherwise, because I HAD to know how to story ended. You will definitely want to start at the beginning for this series. You miss important stuff, but it does flow wonderfully. Darren is very complex and you have to pay attention, otherwise sometimes it is hard to know when he has phased into the Quiet, or when it is happening. I loved seeing how The Elders wrapped up Darren's story. Impeccable storytelling on Mr. Zales' part. There were no unanswered questions, and I didn't feel cheated like I do at the end of some books where I am left scratching my head. I think Mr. Zales may prove to be my gateway into a love of sci-fi. Please go get your series today.

Book One: The Thought Readers
Book Two: The Thought Pushers
Book Three: The Enlightened
Book Four: The Elders