Saturday, November 14, 2015

K. Renee Dirty Ink E-Book Giveaway

       I am giving away one copy of K. Renee's Dirty Ink for a lucky winner. You are not going to want to miss this one. Here is the summary for Dirty Ink: **Warning** Suggested for 18 and over. Contains BDSM and explicit sex scenes. May also contain triggers.

Brielle Tyler is a twenty-five year old college student, trying to find her place in the world. Hudson Knox is a thirty year old tattoo artist who has been building up his tattoo shop, Dirty Ink. Brielle's long term boyfriend breaks up with her and she finds herself going to a tattoo shop to break free of her good girl shell. 
Once Hudson inks Brielle's skin in his shop, he can't stop thinking about the fiery raven haired beauty. A chance encounter a week later, throws Hudson and Brielle together for the ride of their lives.

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