Thursday, March 17, 2016

Abandoned Darkness by Kate Wendley Review

Wow, I have gotten so caught up in this story that keeps unraveling, but still telling you nothing, I can't wait to see what all comes out in the wash. This book, the second in this series, is the story of Sebastian, a wolf shifter, and Jade, a jaguar shifter. Sebastian has taken everything life has thrown at him and keeps on going. Jade, true to her feline nature, is a scaredy cat. They have had a crush on each other forever, but Sebastian, even though he is Alpha, feels he is not good enough for her, and Jade feels that with her skittish nature, isn't enough for him either. It doesn't help that Sebastian has another power which has caused him to be ostracized from his family, or that Torin, the previous alpha that Sebastian bested, is the reason for it. Can Sebastian come to terms with his "extra" abilities and try to make something lasting with Jade? Can Jade leave her scared nature behind long enough to give herself to the man she desires? Last but not least, will Torin honestly call a truce, or is it a ploy for something else? This is a really great book. I would definitely recommend going back and reading Book 1 because there are a lot of holes that will be filled from it.