Saturday, March 19, 2016

Brax by Jayne Blue Review

He's the club enforcer. She was the homecoming queen. Once upon a time they shared a reckless one-night stand that changed everything . . .

When we were eighteen, Brax was everything people warned me about. Ink and leather. Smolder and sin. I was everything people expected me to be. Cheerleading captain. Straight A student. Homecoming queen. But, one night when my life fell apart, Brax was the only thing that held me together. Stolen kisses. Forbidden passion. He made me feel alive.

I’ve lived with the memory of that night and what he ignited in me for fifteen years. Now my world’s come crashing down all over again and he’s the only one I can turn to for help.

But, the price he’s named is me.
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My Review: We start this book seeing Nicole, Brax's first love, coming to see Brax at The Den, home to the Great Wolves Motorcycle Club. Seems that Nicole's brother, Doug, has gotten mixed up with some people he shouldn't have. He now needs Nicole to once again bail him out. Problem is, this time she has nothing to bail him out with. All her money is tied up in the ice cream parlor she inherited from her father. Now, she only has one bargaining chip, her body. Brax would be more than happy to take that sucker bet, too. Problem is, the problem with Doug is bigger than he thought it was, now he has to get his brothers involved if he wants any chance of saving Nicole's brother, as well as her at this point. It is definitely a page turner, will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. Come take a ride on the back of Brax's bike with Nicole and watch as this wonderful story unravels. We all want that bad boy with a heart of gold.