Friday, March 4, 2016

Fast Hair Straightener Hair Brush Review

This was my hair before I started up above

This was my hair after only about 5 minutes with the brush.

When I was asked to review this brush, I was very leery. I had reviewed one before and was not at all happy with it. If you look in my previous reviews, you will find it. Now, though I would like to focus on this one. This one shocked me. I have very thick, full hair with a natural wave that you can see in the top picture. It usually takes me close to an hour to do my hair with a regular flat iron, so I had very low expectations with this brush. I noticed when it first got here it was very similar to the rest of them you see on Amazon. It has a decently long cord. So, I plugged it in and ran downstairs to grab something to drink and grab my phone. By the time I got upstairs, it was time to begin. I brushed my hair first with my regular brush and got all the tangles out. Then, I ran this brush through my hair for about 10 minutes and looked in the mirror. Wow! I was very pleasantly surprised. It wasn't as flat as with a flat iron, but it was definitely straighter. The really great thing that I love is with this brush you can run it through your hair all the way from the root without worrying you will burn yourself. I tend to get flyaways on the sides since I don't wear bangs. I was able to use this brush to smooth them into the rest of my hair. I use this everyday on my roots and sides, and then use my regular flat iron on the rest of it, unless I am in a hurry, then I just use this. This brush is definitely worth it! You can get yours HERE