Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Heart of an Alpha- GA Hurst

Over twenty years after tectonic disaster destroyed most of humanity, life is finally beginning to reemerge. Rissa a human survivor and her team have begun to explore and find themselves attacked by armed and dangerous strangers, two of her team are taken prisoner. 

Gage and his wolf shifters were out hunting the rogue bandits who were killing the few survivors brave enough to venture into this new world. Then he caught her scent, she was his mate, his wolf was certain; but her group was being attacked by the very rogues they were hunting. Can he save her from doing something foolish, like attacking the bandits armed with automatic weapons? 

While preparing to make an attempt to save her friends, a huge wolf stalked up behind her and stood over her growling; then held her to the ground until the attackers left. She thought she was his dinner…she wanted to save her friends, but who would save her first? 
He can save her, he can save her friends, but can he win her heart and make her his? 

A man who can become a wolf…impossible, or is it? He say’s she’s his mate, is that why her body heats up anytime he’s near? It can’t be love, she’s only known him for days…or can it? She can face the danger next to him, can she handle the rest? 

My Review:
    I really enjoyed this book. It combined my love of shifters with a post-apocalyptic feel. Not to mention Rissa is a very strong, very capable, and very level-headed woman. What she lacks in age, she makes up for in intelligence. She will make a capable leader when the time comes. Rissa handles everything thrown her way, including the new knowledge of shifters, and this very powerful shifter. He is like putty in her hands. I love how he is willing to make the transition easy on her instead of the typical alpha male, me man, well wolf, you woman, and my wolf thinks we need to do this and have little wolf babies, so you are going to. He gives her time to adjust, but like everything else with Rissa, once she put her mind to it, there is no going back. Also, to think, they are doing all this in the middle of a skirmish. It is interesting and quite entertaining to watch this story unfold and I cannot wait to see more from Georgianna Hurst. 

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