Saturday, March 5, 2016

Possess Book One by J.A. Howell

   I just finished this book tonight and Oh My God! I could not put it down. The book starts with our main character Harley, drugging her fiance so she can get away from him. Apparently, he beat the hell out of her. Moving on, she takes his car (you go girl!), and disappears, or so she thinks. She settles on a town that she thinks is far enough away, and starts trying to put her life back together. Of course, there has to be a man. A big, handsome, shy, gentle Scottish/Irish man. He owns the bar where she gets a job. His name is Nolan. So yes, let's see how this is going to work. Hot hunk, sparks flying, rebound inevitable, now he is her boss. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. She moves to a new apartment and finds out that it is haunted by the hunky boss' old best friend who died of a suicide. All of this is just in the first few chapters. There are a lot of players at work here, but it will keep you entertained and roped in. Not to mention, Harley seems like the stuff Murphy's Law was made of. Tune in and get your copy to find out how Harley makes out with a ghost, a new town, a hunky boss, running away from a monster, and trying to put her pieces back together and solve a murder.

You can go get your copy of Possess HERE