Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ravenous by Annie Nicholas Review

I absolutely loved this book and could not put it down. It throws you into the mix of things right off the bat. You start reading by getting to know Pia. Pia is a succubus. Every three days she must feed. Although, she feeds a little differently than most lore would lead you to believe. For Pia to feed, she must have an orgasm, she doesn't feed by having sex or her partner orgasming. If she doesn't feed every three days, her demon comes out to play. While she tends to be picky with who she takes to bed, her demon, on the other hand, is not. So, you are introduced to Pia as she is trying to get her boyfriend to come home from work and feed her. He can't, so she goes for the next man she sees, which happens to be the mailman, who is married. Married men are a no-no in her culture. Her boyfriend, Pierre, comes home while she is "feeding," and tells her they are done, which is a reasonable expectation since he doesn't know what she is. Next time we see Pia, she is starving herself in a hotel room. A hot vamp comes to save her that her Daddy sent. They save her, but she refuses to go home, since she won't tell Daddy she fed off a married man. Get Ravenous and read Pia's adventures trying to navigate this world she didn't ask for, along with the emotions of a teenage girl, and trying to feed the beast, but still deal with her guilt. It is a great story.

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