Thursday, March 17, 2016

Resisting Darkness by Kate Wendley Review

I was excited to see where this story was going, and wow, I was definitely not disappointed. I thought my interest in this series would start waning once most of my questions from the last few books were answered, but not even close. This author has the power to draw you in and keep you there. There are enough supernatural power plays, you can't just skim the pages. Now, in this book, there are even more supernaturals coming out to play. There is also a new vampire in town named Harmony. This is her and Ethan's story. We met Ethan in Book One and knew he was holding a grudge against Anthony, the Atlanta territory's Master Vampire. Now, we will see that grudge culminate and explore what that means for Ethan and Anthony while Ethan is also trying to work out getting over the grief of losing his wife many decades ago. Now that Harmony has arrived on the scene, Ethan has to wrestle with himself to figure out if Harmony is worth giving up the grief and revenge of Sonya, his wife, to be able to move on with Harmony, and possibly be happy again. Can he do it?