Saturday, March 5, 2016

Shifter: City of Wolves

First off, I really enjoyed this book. I really did. It was great seeing young love conquer all, and rooting for the underdog. It was also very accurate in how cruel people can be to each other because of their differences... but... there was only one problem I had. As Zac and Lyla are running through the city, if they are really as terrified as you imagine they would be, young new lovers or not, I can't believe they are going to stop in the middle of people trying to kill them, just to take care of the urge. That was a little hard for me to believe, even if they are fated mates. This is a good turn your brain off and enjoy it book, and it does have a wonderful storyline. You won't regret reading it, it is very interesting, and not just for the panty dropping moments. Get your copy and enjoy!

You can get your copy HERE