Saturday, March 5, 2016

Taken by the Pack: Wolf Shifter Menage (Wolfpack Trilogy #2)

I know some people may not agree with my rating of this book, but here is why. To me, the signature of a good author is one who can suck you in the story and make you feel something, good or bad. Abby does a superb job of this. WARNING: there are possible sexual assault triggers in this book and the one before it. But you will definitely feel what Abby wanted you to feel when writing, whether it is Aisha's angst at her situation, or disgust for Heath, or wanting to cheer for Aisha leaving with the brothers. The point is you feel. I think Abby did an awesome job with this book and the other one. This is not your typical HEA and if you want a book that ties everything up neatly at the end, this isn't the book for you.

You can get your copy and see for yourself HERE