Monday, March 21, 2016

To Capture a Highlander's Heart Pt.3 by Teresa Reasor Review

Here's the blurb:
Highland warlord Gabriel Campbell plans to wed Grace MacNab, but is stunned to learn the banns have been challenged on the grounds Grace is a lady by birth. They cannot marry under the king’s law without permission.
The man Grace fears most has come to Caisteal Sith to force her into marriage. And there are others eager to offer for her in exchange for access to the charter the king’s regent has given her, but she’s in love with Gabriel. Though she doubts the depth of Gabriel’s feelings, she’s convinced he’s still the best man to lead her clan and fulfill her heart’s desire.
Can the two stand together to fight tradition and win? Or will their chance at happiness be forever out of reach?

My Review:
I absolutely loved this story. I have to admit, I was pulling for Gabriel the entire time. You could see from the beginning how much he and Grace were in love. Grace is caught up in a game that she doesn't know the rules to. She just wants to live her life as Gabriel's wife, but the powers that be want other things for her. Namely, her money and power she isn't even aware of. Luckily, she has become attached to a family whose power rivals the predator looking for her, and her benefactor is not going to let her go easily since it isn't what she wants. So who will win the hand of the new Lady Grace and her clan? Will it be Gabriel, her champion, or the predator from Caisteal Sith? I was so glad to finally be able to read this whole story together.