Monday, March 7, 2016

Training Lady Townsend by Annabel Joseph

Here is the blurb: Take a rousing romp through 1790s England with this first of four Properly Spanked novels… 

The Lady Aurelia has been promised in marriage to the Marquess of Townsend since she was four and he was fourteen. Unfortunately, she grew up into a pillar of propriety while her betrothed grew up into a renowned rake. Of course, no one would expect such an unsuitable match to go forward…which is why they find themselves at a loss when circumstances force them to the altar and into each other’s arms. 

Hunter, the beleaguered marquess, believes he’ll survive the uneven match by continuing to frequent his well-trained coterie of whores and courtesans, but Aurelia’s powerful father has other ideas. When he blocks Hunter’s access to the only women shameless enough to cater to his decadent needs, the marquess informs his new wife that something will have to be done. 

That “something” will be the immediate commencement of her erotic training…whether she wants it or not. 

This 70K word novel contains acts of punishment and discipline, anal play, and other sensual practices. 

The Properly Spanked Series: 

#1 Training Lady Townsend 
#2 To Tame A Countess 
#3 My Naughty Minette 
#4 Under A Duke’s Hand 

I have read other Annabel Joseph books, so I had really high expectations. I am a huge Annabel fan, so it hurts me to say this book just really didn't do it for me. I was glad to see a faithful husband in a period novel, but I hated how he was only faithful because of what he was able to get her to do for him. I also couldn't stand how he manipulated her, and the way because of the way he manipulated her, he was practically forcing his sadism on her. I would have liked to have seen a stronger woman who submits because she chooses too, not because she is cowed into it, because she is not worthy otherwise. In a way, the abuse in this book made me sad.

You can get your copy and check it out HERE