Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wiccan Wars- Heather Adkins Review

From the author of occult bestselling novel, THE TEMPLE, comes a new paranormal coming of age romance about doomed love, uncontrollable magick, and betrayal.

Ever O'Connell prides herself on being a good Wiccan, and her coven follows the path of the Goddess with love and light. But the "dark" witches in school--the BlackMags-- keep pushing her toward the edge, until Ever finally finds herself at war.

Cade Bourdain inherited his father's thirst for power, drawing him into darker areas of magick. Despite his dislike for the "Fluffy Bunny" Wiccans, he feels an unearthly connection to Ever.

When the two strike up a secret relationship the real magic between them is ignited, generating a power that a dangerous warlock yearns to take for his own. Ensnared by the warlock, Ever and Cade's conflicting covens must work together despite their differences--or else be destroyed by a common enemy.

The line between light and dark has never been so unclear.

Wiccan Wars is the first in a trilogy.
Book Two, Priestess Prophecies (Coming Summer 2016)
Book Three, Covens Colliding (Coming Winter 2016)

My Review:
    I will warn you now, if you start this book, it will kill you that Book Two is not out yet. This series is my new obsession. Also, for any of you who have any experiences with Paganism, or have even just read about it, you will love how accurate it is. Heather Adkins is definitely a witch because I was spellbound from the time I picked it up. I couldn't bear to put it down. You will be taken on a journey with Ever, who is a teenage girl on the cusp of adulthood and her first love. This first love will make her question everything, him as well, and will lead them on a journey of self-discovery that not only affects their emotions, but everything about them! Go take a trip to Coalhaven and most of all, enjoy!

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