Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wolver's Reward by Jacqueline Rhodes Review

I have been holding onto the review for this book for like a week. I wanted to share with you all immediately, it was really really good. 

The blurb says:

  A reward worth waiting for...
 Fate has played River for a fool. Again. He thought he'd earned the respect of a decent and admirable wolver pack. He was grateful for it. He was content... until they took it all away, and left him alone and angry. Again.
 Yet Fate rewards him with another pack, one that needs his survival skills, and one where he meets the girl of his dreams, but River is no longer a fool. The beautiful Rebecca is an Alpha's daughter. She can never be his and she knows it, too. But knowing the outcome, changes the game, and both River and Reb decide to play this one on their own, but different terms.
  What Fate knows, and River must learn, is that happiness comes when you least expect it, and finding a love worth fighting for is what brings a Wolver's Reward.

My Review:
  When I met River, I felt so bad for him. He has just been thrown out of the only house that has been home, for expressing emotions that are too much but also, much more than he has control over. He meets Rebecca by chance on her way to sell herself to the highest bidder to help her family's financial burdens. After they steal River's truck, on his way to get it back, he finds himself drawn to help them. Rebecca gets under his skin in a way no one ever has, and has no intention of backing off. This book is very well written, and the story is fleshed out very well. It makes for a great afternoon read as you find out if River and Rebecca are just playing at being together, or can they actually do it?