Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bad Potions by Michelle Fox Review

Gambling with magic, betting on love. Welcome to Charmed in Vegas! 

A witch on a hit list and a cursed elf in sin city, their hearts and lives on the line. 

Witch-in-training Marion fled to Vegas to escape being murdered. She's counting on the wards of Vegas to protect her until she can learn the magic to do it herself. Except her love potions keep exploding, and if she can't fix them, she'll never control the defense magic that will keep her safe. 

The last thing she wants to do is fall in love, but that might be the only fix for her bad potions. 

Elf Aidan thought Vegas would be the place to break his curse and win his way back into the Fairy Queen's honor guard, but it's not turning out to be so easy. When he meets Marion, he realizes she might be just what he needs to get rid of his curse. But her would-be murderer has found her, and Aidan will have to protect her or lose his only chance at escaping the curse. 

Aidan knows exactly what to do to keep Marion alive, but what he isn't prepared for is falling in love. 

And how that will royally piss off his Queen. 

Warning: This story includes foul-mouthed pixies in Elvis jumpsuits, sexy sirens, big-hearted giants, shapeshifting as a weight loss method, steamy sex scenes and all bets on love win big. 

My Review:
  This was outside the purview of Michelle Fox's normal books, but it was very well written. It was very fast paced, but seemed to stay true to the whole story. If you are a regular Fox fan, there is not a lot of shifter in this book if you are looking for one of her regular books. This is more a fairy/witch book. I love the message in it, though. This book is still wonderfully written and quite entertaining in true Michelle Fox fashion, though. We usually hear of faes, elves, and the Supernatural like being able to talk their way into anyone's bed. In Aiden's case, he can usually succeed in never making it to anyone's bed, since his tongue seems to be the opposite. When he meets Marion at a Supe nightclub in Vegas, he finds it is not that way with her. Although, then he messes up and now she has his heart, but someone else holds his loyalty. He is determined to see Marion's safety through though, no matter the  cost or how it will hurt, and he knows it will hurt both of them, when they part, So what will he do? Go grab your copy on April 13th and find out.

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