Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jericho by Crystal Dawn Review

Blurb: The Strong Pack 
T.J. is just an average human girl trying to avoid a serious relationship with anyone but especially wolves. She's been hurt and that isn't going to happen again any time soon. 
Jericho is just your average alpha wolf heir to the Strong pack alpha. He's a bit of a player. He plans to have a good time until he finds his soul mate and settles down. He thinks T.J. is a pity date a mutual friend has forced on him until he sees her. He wants her and he won't take no for an answer. 
He agrees to one night only but then discovers she is his soul mate. How crazy is that? He also discovers she is being chased by a crazy wolf that happens to be her ex. There is something special about T.J. that she hasn't told him. Will it make a difference when he finds out? 
* note- This is set in the white wolf world. It has explicit sex.

My review: This is a great Wolf shifter book featuring Jericho and T.J. Sandy, TJ's best friend, has been trying to set her up with this new guy to get her out of her drought. TJ owns a bar called Tabby's with her sister and works there a couple days a week. After breaking up with her ex, a shifter, TJ is a little gunshy, She wants sex with no attachment. She sounds like every guy's dream, right??!! Well, not so for this guy whose Wolf identifies her as "Mate" right off the bat. This is their story, they get their crap worked out pretty quick, but there are other outside forces at work that will stop at nothing to break them apart. Luckily, there seems to be some freedom that comes with being the Alpha's son, so with that being said, will Jericho be able to keep TJ safe? Read and find out... my lips are sealed. The book is definitely worth a read, though. It is quite entertaining. It is not quite on the edge of your seat, and it won't keep you guessing, the plot is easy to figure out. Although, you will enjoy it if you are a fan of Shifters. So, go get your copy today.

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