Thursday, April 7, 2016

Shelby's Way...Maybe by Katherine Mitchell Review

Blurb: This story tells the coming-of-age of an overprotected young mother who becomes an adult. One beautiful woman without a plan; three men, each with a plan. 
Shelby is a stunning beauty, a young mother whose husband, a Hollywood stuntman, runs off with a rich glamorous older woman. On her own, Shelby is raising 8-year old Pamela and goes to work to make ends meet. She is na├»ve, unaware of her luminous beauty and easy-going charms neither of which goes unnoticed by men, even a world famous novelist who sets his eyes on her. She meets an irresistibly handsome and successful attorney who instantly takes up residence under her skin. Her topsy-turvy world is grounded by motherhood. Into this curious limbo where all that is required of Shelby is not to do anything she would regret, enters Marc, a successful screenwriter and former family friend who, with his final divorce decree in hand comes calling. 
Because of Shelby, the lives of the three men intersect and interact in surprising ways as their just comeuppance is served. 
Where is the love? Who is the future?

My review: There were a lot of things in this book that didn't make sense to me. The beginning of the book gave me whiplash, while after the first few chapters it seemed to drag. Although, the first chapter or so just more or less give you background. I loved watching Shelby come into her own. It was nice seeing a woman who started out as nothing more than an arm-piece and trophy wife, pick up the mantle and be the woman and mother she was always meant to be. Although, to a point, judging from Pamela, she always did it, just didn't realize she did. Pamela doesn't really seem bothered by the fact that her dad is no longer around, which leads me to believe he was never really there to begin with. That means more than likely there were signs of things to come and Shelby just missed them. This is a great coming of age story, although Shelby is already middle aged. It is ok for an afternoon read, just don't look for any deep revelations, you won't find them here.

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